I'm Anna, a practising photographer based in Scotland.

Ever since I was tall enough to grab my Granny's gin glass off the sitting room table (much to mum's dismay) I've had a strong curiosity toward life and the people in it. This manifested itself in the form of an Art foundation, followed by a Sociology undergraduate degree and has now culminated in securing a place at University of the arts London (UAL) to study for an MA in Photojournalism. 

My work aims to tie a rope between sociology and photography. With our norms, tastes and desires so often influenced by our culture, I aim to open up a pocket whereby viewers are encouraged to reflect on their own biases and assumptions. 

The photographs displayed are a handful of what I find most exciting. This usually comes in the form of capturing a candid moment and documenting places I am curious about.

Have a wee browse, and check back if you like what you see as the collections continue to develop and grow.

If you would like to contact me, you can find me at amphotographics@outlook.com

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